Routine and
Emergency Exams

Dr. Shirin has been caring for her patients for 20 years and is well regarded for not only her experience, but also her calm and gentle chairside manner. In the event of an emergency our office will always try to accommodate a same day appointment for any patient of record.

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Gentle Ultrasonic
Biosonic Cleaning

We are true believers that preventive care and education are the keys to optimal dental health. We strive to provide “dental health care” versus “disease care” which is why we focus not only on thorough dental exams, but also the latest advancements in tooth and gum cleaning that ensure the overall health of your teeth and gums.

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Fillings and

The dental fillings that we use to restore your teeth in our Thousand Oaks office are bonded tooth colored composite fillings which match the color of your teeth, thereby giving off the aesthetic effect of having no cavities at all. When caught early, cavities can be generally treated easily and painlessly.

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Dentures are a replacement for missing teeth that can be removed and put back into your mouth as you please. Depending on each individual patient case, they may receive full or partial dentures. Full dentures are used when all of the natural teeth are removed from the mouth and replaced with a full set of dentures. We custom tailor each case to the needs of our patients

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Crowns and

As long as your teeth are not structurally damaged, crooked teeth, poorly aligned teeth, and discolored teeth can be corrected using porcelain facing, porcelain veneers. Porcelain veneers are thin laminate layers of porcelain applied to the tooth. When teeth are badly damaged, crowns can be used to reinforce and rebuild the teeth. We work closely with experienced lab technicians to fabricate your cosmetic crowns in just 5 days.

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According to the American Dental Association, 10 to 15 percent of all adults are having frequent problems with teeth grinding.Teeth grinding ( Bruxism) can be caused by more than one condition. Occlusal Guards can help safe guard your teeth while you sleep to prevent long term damage.

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